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The Bible is a perfect book .... unlike any other.  It was written by God, and penned by man.  To understand the Bible, we must know its characters.  If we don't have a clear understanding of who's who in the Bible, we will be misinterpreting God's story. (His story .... History)

The Bible tells the story of one family .... the Israelites.  Not just in the Old Testament, but from cover to cover .... from Genesis to Revelations.  This is the family that Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, was descended from.  Unfortunately most Christians don't know the difference between a Hebrew, a Semite, an Israelite, a Jew .... or know what a Gentile is.  Because of this confusion, they tend to spiritualize the New Testament, disregard God's perfect laws and hang on to many false doctrines.

Understanding the Israel Identity message leads to understanding the Bible.  Quoting from a British Israel Bible study, "We believe The Gospel of  the Kingdom of God on earth exactly as taught by our Lord when He was on earth.  There is only one Gospel of Jesus Christ; which is the Gospel of the Kingdom, which Gospel of course includes the Gospel of Personal Salvation.  It is impossible to teach the Gospel of the Kingdom without teaching the Gospel of Personal Salvation.  But unfortunately it is possible to teach the Gospel of Personal Salvation and actually ignore the Gospel of the Kingdom, which has been done by almost all teachers of the Bible today".

So come on inside and learn about the Israel Truth.  Find out who the so-called lost tribes of Israel are today (this may surprise you) and discover The Greatest Love Story Ever Told! .... <more>

Health Articles

In October of 2009, I began writing a Health and Nutrition column for the magazine "Thy Kingdom Come".  It is published by The Association of the Covenant People, an Israel Identity organization out of Burnaby, British Columbia.  All of my articles are based on the foundation of the Christian food laws.  By eating the proper foods, and avoiding medical drugs (poisons) whenever possible, we increase our odds of good health.
The Rife Machine - Healing with Vibrations
Cancer continues to be a very deadly disease, and the question comes up time and again, “when are we going to find a cure”?  Well there have been many alternative .... <more>
Sugar and its Alternatives
By the time you are reading this edition of the TKC, you will have already made your 2018 New Year’s resolutions, if you are so inclined.  Many of these self-promises ..... <more>
The Health Benefits of Drinking Tea
Did you know that tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world, outdone only by water itself?  And here’s a little more trivia for you; all “true” teas are made .... <more>
Filtering Your Water
Water is our lifeline, we need it for our survival.  Every cell in your body, organ, tissue and yes even your bones contain water.  In fact about two-thirds of your .... <more>
Honey and the Bee
Perhaps nature’s sweetest food, honey is another superfood that can help with the prevention and treatment of many ailments.  And it just may be the only food .... <more>
A Few More All-Natural Recipes
Every now and again my articles include some all-natural simple-to-make recipes.  Here are a few more.  Eating healthy is a lifestyle change that should be enjoyed by .... <more>
Fasting For Spiritual And Physical Health
Fasting is best described as “a voluntary abstinence from food”.  There are many reasons to fast, some are related to health issues.  Along with exercise, it may be part .... <more>
What Are We Being Exposed To?
There is no doubt we are living in the last days, the times in which much Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.  We read in Daniel 12:4 that “knowledge shall be increased” .... <more>
DMSO - Can It Be Beneficial For You?
For the last few months I have been living with a pain in my shoulder, which was diagnosed as “frozen shoulder”.  It became very painful and I began to lose mobility .... <more>
The Thyroid Gland
The human body consists of many organs and glands, all contributing to making us a functioning being.  Our brain controls everything we do, and is the main .... <more>
Essential Oils
Just like so many other natural healing treatments, the use of essential oils has once again become very popular all around the world.  Every day our bodies are .... <more>
Eat Your Green Leafy Veggies
We’ve been told since our early days to “eat your veggies”.  And with good reason.  These foods provide us with the nourishments our bodies crave.  But of the many .... <more>
Baking Soda for Your Health
In its natural form, baking soda is known as nahcolite, which is part of the natural mineral natron.  Natron, which contains large amounts of sodium bicarbonate .... <more>
Avocados - Another Superfood
Up until a couple of years ago, the avocado was one of those mystery fruits to me.  There are so many foods we pass over in the Produce department, sometimes .... <more>
Fermented Foods
The process of fermenting foods has been practiced by many civilizations for hundreds of generations.  And thanks to people becoming more health conscious .... <more>
Looking After Our Teeth
There have been several articles being passed around lately, either by emails or on the Internet, dealing with the topic of the health of our teeth.  How can we keep .... <more>
Oil Pulling
Every so often I write health articles about lesser known topics.   This undoubtedly is one of them.  If you’re not familiar with the term “oil pulling”, your first guess .... <more>
Reversing Diabetes
Diabetes, like all other degenerative diseases, is on the rise in our nations.  It is reported to be the #6 disease killer in Canada and the United States.  Some reports .... <more>
Groceries - What to Look For - What to Avoid
In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have grocery stores.  We would grow our own foods in nutrient-rich soils, raise our own chemical-free livestock and our bodies .... <more>
Hemp Oil
At the time of my writing this article, the debate of legalizing marijuana is once again in the news.  One always wonders as politicians take their stand, is this a .... <more>
Looking After Our Eyes
Our eyes are the window to the world and are undoubtedly our most important sense.  Though taken for granted, we would literally be in the dark without them .... <more>
Immunizations and Vaccinations Are Not For Our Benefit
Recently I was challenged by a medical doctor on the advice I gave to my daughter re: not to have her baby immunized.  This article was my response .... <more>
All Natural Recipes
I always try to encourage people to engage in a healthier lifestyle.  To me, being healthy starts with your diet, and it all begins by becoming aware of what you are .... <more>
Eating Nuts - A Healthy Snack
We have been told since our early years that there are different food groups, and we should try to eat from each on a daily basis.  I do agree with this statement .... <more>
Growing Your Own Sprouts
What would your definition be of the perfect food?   Living in a world where “if it’s not ready in 5 minutes or less we don’t have time to eat it”, our perfect food .... <more>
Looking After Man's Best Friend
While the saying “man’s best friend” might be more of a cliché than the truth, there is no denying how attached we can get to our furry friends.  They are a .... <more>
Coconut Oil - Another One of Nature's Superfoods
I have talked a bit about coconut oil in past articles, but the more I studied this superfood, the more I felt it deserved an entire article on its own .... <more>
Put Away the Weed Killer
As I am writing this article here at my home in South-eastern Ontario, we are currently experiencing an extreme period of drought.  Lawns are burning up, and .... <more>
Should it be Unlawful to be Healthy?
Dr. Richard Schulze, one of the foremost authorities on natural healing, has this to say about the state of our medical system.  “Over 200 years ago, Ben Rush .... <more>
Healing Herbs
Herbs have been around since the beginning of time, and this can be verified in God’s Word in the very first chapter: And God said, Behold, I have given you .... <more>
Growing Your Own Organic Garden
There are many benefits to growing your own food, and the benefits grow exponentially when your garden is organic.  Eating foods that are pesticide free .... <more>
Changing Your Lifestyle - A Little at a Time
Many people decide they want to live a healthier lifestyle.  However, I think they sometimes make too many drastic changes to their daily routines, and find .... <more>
There is no Cure .... or is There?  (An article I wrote for the local newspaper)
We are living in an age where all degenerative diseases are on the rise.  In Canada and the United States, it is said cancer will affect 1 in every 3 women and .... <more>
Monsanto and the Evils of GMO
Ever since the beginning of man, there has been always been a conflict between good and evil.  Some people believe that there is a race today that are the .... <more>
Multiple Sclerosis - Vitamin D3 and Liberation Therapy
Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that affects the brain and spinal cord.  It is the result of damage to the protective covering that surrounds nerve cells .... <more>
Surviving Radiation from Nuclear Disasters
As we read and listen to the news each day, we can’t help but wonder just how close we are to our Lord and Saviours return.  Most recently, the horrors .... <more>
There's Nothing Sweet About Artificial Sweeteners
We are all aware of how bad sugar is for us, and the many health problems it can lead to.  Diabetes today is at an all-time high.  Our bodies are not designed .... <more>
Coping with Arthritis and Gout
Many of us, when we reach a certain age, learn to live with the odd ache and pain.  That’s part of growing old.  Some people, however, have more excruciating .... <more>
Maintaining a Healthy Heart
I read a funny saying the other day, “I’ve learned more in the last couple of years from searching the Internet than I ever did all through high school!”  I don’t .... <more>
The Healing Powers of Hypnosis
The mind is a powerful tool, however it is said most people only use one-tenth of one percent of its capabilities.  Your subconscious mind is the part of your .... <more>
Response to Letter Re: Hypnosis
A reader did not agree with my advice ... I was absolutely appalled to open my January issue of Thy Kingdom Come to find an article on Hypnosis.  I believe .... <more>
Recipes For Raw Food
I wrote in the July, 2010 edition of the TKC on the many benefits of eating a raw diet; eating fruits, vegetables and other natural “live” foods uncooked .... <more>
Exercising Your Body and Mind
It is well known that everybody can benefit from exercise, yet very few of us ever engage in a regular routine. The majority of our jobs today don’t involve .... <more>
Detoxifying Your Body
It’s an undisputable fact we live in a toxic world; chemicals are all around us.  They’re in the air that we breathe, the foods that we eat and the waters that .... <more>
Our Cancer Treatments Are Wrong .... Very Wrong
Some months I’m not sure what I’m going to write about, until I sit down at the keyboard.  This month, I didn’t have that problem.  Sadly, one of my colleagues .... <more>
Eating Raw "Live" Foods
I have watched several excellent movies in the last few months on a variety of health topics.  Some of the titles include:  Food Matters, Healing Cancer .... <more>
Is Milk Really Good For Us?
We have been taught since early school days that milk builds strong bones.  TV commercials of our favourite movie and sports stars only emphasize this fact .... <more>
Superfood is a relatively new word in our vocabulary.  It is described in the Oxford Pocket Dictionary of Current English as "a natural food regarded .... <more>
Vitamins C and D - Keeping Us Healthy
Our bodies require vitamins and minerals so that we can grow, heal and stay healthy.  There are many types of vitamins; each serves a different role .... <more>
Beating Cancer - Naturally
This article is the result of a recent visit with my Mom, just a few days before Christmas.  She had just received a phone call from a life-long friend, and was .... <more>
Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy
The underlying theme of my articles  has been and will continue to be "let's get back to nature".  Nature is what God gave us to maintain our good health. .... <more>
Response to Letter Re: H2O2
A reader did not agree with my advice ....  I am concerned about a recent article in the magazine about hydrogen peroxide. There was advice in the article .... <more>
The Health Benefits of Juicing
There is a saying, "If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."  This can be no truer than our health industry .... <more>
Say No to Vaccinations
There has been a lot of coverage in the media lately about the H1N1 flu, known previously as the swine flu.  The name was changed due to the concern  .... <more>
Our Body - A Temple of God
As Israel Identity believers, we know that the food laws of Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14 are still in effect today.  The original laws consisted of the  .... <more>
   All-Natural Treatments for Cancer   
Several full-length videos on all natural treatments for cancer, and Big Pharmas continued attempts to keep them hidden from us .... <more>
Links to Israel-Identity Websites
A listing of other Israel-Identity websites.
The Association of the Covenant People  Burnaby, British Columbia - Editor: Brooks Alden
Canadian British Israel Association  Windsor, Ontario - Pastor Jory Brooks
British Israel Basics  Windsor, Ontario - Pastor Jory Brooks
British-Israel-World Federation Canada  Toronto, Ontario
British-Israel-World Federation UK  The United Kingdom
Truth in History  Oklahoma, USA - Pastor Charles Jennings
America's Promise Ministries   Idaho, USA - Pastor Dave Barley
Mission to Israel  Nebraska, USA - Pastor Ted Weiland
Christ Encounters  Ireland - Sermons by Pastor Ken Davidson
Revealing the Truth  New Zealand
Christian Identity Ministries  Australia
Fellowship of God’s Covenant People  Kentucky, USA
Calling Lost Israel  Washington, USA
Articles on Other Websites
Some good reading from other websites.
God's Covenant People - Yesterday, Today and Forever
The Mystery of the Gentiles
Ephraim and the Throne of David
United States and Britain Foretold in the Bible
Did God Change the Law of Clean and Unclean Meats?
Missing Links Discovered in Assyrian Tablets
The Abrahamic Covenant
Lost Israel Found In the Anglo-Saxon Race
Geological Evidence for the British Throne of David?
Parables of the Kingdom - The Rich Man and Lazarus
Over the years, our British Israel, Anglo Israel and Christian Identity organizations have been blessed with many great speakers.  Some of them can be heard on the websites listed in the links above.  I have accumulated many great talks by Alan Campbell over the years.  Unfortunately Alan passed away this summer (2017), and with his "Open Bible Ministries" no longer in operation, most of his material has become hard to find.  Therefore I am including some of his messages below.
The Book, the Hand and the Crown  Alan Campbell
As In the Days of Noah  Alan Campbell
Our Approach to the Kingdom  Alan Campbell
2-7-13 Historicist Basics  Alan Campbell
Perilous Times Have Come  Alan Campbell
Jeremiah - From Jerusalem to the Emerald Isle - 1 of 9  Alan Campbell
Jeremiah - From Jerusalem to the Emerald Isle - 2 of 9  Alan Campbell
Jeremiah - From Jerusalem to the Emerald Isle - 3 of 9  Alan Campbell
Jeremiah - From Jerusalem to the Emerald Isle - 4 of 9  Alan Campbell
Jeremiah - From Jerusalem to the Emerald Isle - 5 of 9  Alan Campbell
Jeremiah - From Jerusalem to the Emerald Isle - 6 of 9  Alan Campbell
Jeremiah - From Jerusalem to the Emerald Isle - 7 of 9  Alan Campbell
Jeremiah - From Jerusalem to the Emerald Isle - 8 of 9  Alan Campbell
Prophecy - Fulfilling the Past - Revealing the Future  Alan Campbell
Knowing the Times and Seasons  Alan Campbell
The Onward March Of Prophecy  Alan Campbell
The Remnant of Judah Revealed in Germany - 1 of 2  Alan Campbell
The Remnant of Judah Revealed in Germany - 2 of 2  Alan Campbell
Here are a few excellent videos, some from conferences I have had the pleasure of attending.
Why We Proclaim the Israel Message  Alan Campbell
Kingdom Truth Conference - Belfast - 2012
Israel - The Miracle Nation  David McLure
Association of the Covenant People Conference - Vancouver - 2009
The Coronation and the Throne of David  David McLure
Kingdom Truth Conference - Belfast - 2012
Heirs of the Promise II - The Stone Kingdom  America's Promise Ministries
"Heirs of the Promise II, The Stone Kingdom" covers the gospel of the Kingdom Message in a unique way by bringing true history and the Word of God together.  Many people today neglect their Biblical heritage and fail to understand the purposes of God.  This special documentary will take you through the early development of the Christian church, and reveal to you some exciting revelations about the New Jerusalem.
The Gathering of the Nations for Armageddon  Ken Davidson
Christ Encounters Church - Ireland - February 15, 2015
Identifying The Nations Of Armageddon  Ken Davidson
Christ Encounters Church - Ireland - February 22, 2015

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