Hemp Oil                     

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom; and with all thy getting get understanding.  (Proverbs 4:7)

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At the time of my writing this article, the debate of legalizing marijuana is once again in the news.   One always wonders as politicians take their stand, is this a vote-getting issue, or do they really have our best interests in mind.

While this for some is a very controversial topic, let me begin by stating what this article is NOT about.  It is not about smoking marijuana, nor “getting high” nor trying to relive the hippie years of the ‘60s.  Rather it is to discuss the remarkable healing properties of the hemp plant, considered by many to be the most medicinal plant known to man.

Up until the early 1900s, the hemp plant was grown freely throughout Canada and the U.S.  It was commonly referred to as “cannabis”.  Nowadays it is more popularly known as its slang term marijuana.

Many countries around the world grow hemp for their industrial needs.  China has used hemp for textiles for thousands of years, and their clothing industry now includes it in the making of jeans, shoes and outdoor clothing, due to its durability.  They are also the largest exporter of hemp paper, which is a much greater sustainable source of pulp for paper.  Hemp can be manufactured for building supplies.  In fact, almost any product that can be made from wood, cotton, or petroleum, including plastics, can be made from hemp.  Henry Ford once designed a car made out of hemp and soy plastics in the early 1940s, and it ran on hemp fuel.  There is a well-known picture of him swinging an axe at the car, proving its strength.  It is suggested that farming 6% of America’s farmland with hemp plants would satisfy all of its energy needs, and from a much cleaner source.

While it is estimated that there are more than 25,000 known uses for hemp, perhaps none are more beneficial to man than its ability to heal.  This is not a new discovery; ancient Chinese writings give evidence of its use some 4,700 years ago.  Relics discovered in ancient pyramids indicate that Egyptian physicians prescribed medical hemp for childbirth.  And somewhat more recently, the Family Doctor column in the February 1978 issue of Good Housekeeping reads: “As research proceeds, scientists are finding that the major active ingredient in marijuana - tetrahydro-cannabinol or THC - may be highly valuable in treating such conditions as glaucoma, asthma or even terminal cancer.”

To get the maximum value from the hemp plant, it is converted into hemp oil.  This oil, which really looks more like a grease, is taken orally, a small amount at a time.  For burns, moles, skin cancer, etc., it is applied directly to the problem area.  It can also be taken as a suppository, if necessary, (ex:  bowel cancer, allowing the oil the quickest route to the disease).  Reading about hemp oil and all of its success stories on the Internet leads one to believe this might be as close to a cure-all medicine that we know about today.  It has been known to cure all forms of cancer, diabetes, arthritis, depression, asthma …. the list is endless.

One of the people responsible for bringing medicinal hemp oil to the forefront in recent years is Rick Simpson, a Canadian.  Himself a cancer survivor, he has helped hundreds, perhaps thousands, beat their medical conditions, all by simply ingesting small amounts of hemp oil.  And how was he rewarded?   By constantly being dragged through the judicial system with countless arrests, fines and raids of his property.  He was not selling the hemp oil, but rather giving it away, and survived on donations.  When in court, he would have cancer survivors come to witness on his behalf, but they were never allowed to give their testimony.  His story is very similar to Nurse Rene Caisse (of Essiac fame), along with many others.

Hemp oil is not addictive, unlike many prescription drugs, and has no side effects.  When fighting cancer, the active ingredients of the oil tend to seek out and destroy cancer cells.  While doing so, it resets your body to a state of good health.  If one ingests hemp oil produced from strains of plants that have strong pain killing effects, you will find that it can eliminate pain that even morphine and other dangerous toxic addictive pain medications cannot.

If interested, you can watch an hour-long video on the Internet, titled Run From the Cure - The Rick Simpson Story   (The title suggests that the treatments of modern medicine are quite often worse than the disease itself.)  See how hemp oil has been a cure for so many, and also how the oil is derived from the plant.  A second movie, “Run From the Cure - 2”, is now in the making.

Hemp oil can be purchased in health stores, but it is quite different than the hemp oil I am writing about.  It is actually made from hemp seeds, and should be labeled “hemp seed oil”.  This oil does not contain enough of the active ingredients found in true hemp oil to be effective against serious illnesses.  It still is very beneficial, (I take it twice a day), is an excellent source of Omega 3 and compares favourably to other natural oils, namely flaxseed oil.  Hemp seed oil is very beneficial for cardiovascular problems and it is also useful to improve our circulatory system.

So how does one go about getting hemp oil?  Well unless you live in an area where it is permitted, you legally can’t.  Your only choice would be to move to an area where it is allowed.  As ridiculous as that seems, if you or a loved one were fighting a terrible disease, it might not be that unreasonable.

“To forbid or even seriously restrict the use of so holy and gracious a herb would cause widespread suffering ….”, J.M. Campell.

Perhaps George Washington knew what he was talking about when he was quoted as saying, “Make the most of the hempseed, sow it everywhere”.